Eco-Friendly palm leaf dinnerware

How Eco-Friendly palm leaf dinnerware is made

Agrileaf takes pride in its innovative and seamless process of manufacturing Eco-Friendly palm leaf dinnerware. Our revolutionary products, namely Areca leaf plates, stand as the perfect alternative to plastic and paper dinnerware plates. What sets us apart is our dedication to empowering rural women who play a vital role in our manufacturing process, earning a fair wage at our principal location.
At Agrileaf, we prioritize the use of naturally fallen areca leaves, ensuring an eco-friendly and hazard-free approach. Our automated manufacturing process not only maximizes efficiency but also maintains the highest hygiene standards. The leaves used are of the highest quality, making our dinnerware lightweight, sturdy, and leakproof.
Our biodegradable dinnerware, crafted from premium areca leaves, is designed to withstand a variety of edible materials, including hot, cold, oily, and fluid substances. This makes Agrileaf’s products an excellent choice for those who value quality, sustainability, and functionality in their single-use dinnerware.

Our Process

Here’s how a fallen leaf of areca transforms into a user-friendly dinner biodegradable disposable products  at Agrileaf.

eco-friendly palm leaf dinnerware

Dry, fallen areca
sheaths are collected
from the local farmers
who are paid a fair price
for the raw material.

eco-friendly palm leaf dinnerware

The dry areca leaf
sheaths collected
are soaked in water,
thoroughly cleaned
and so arranged as to
drain the water completely.

eco-friendly palm leaf dinnerware

The cleaned leaves
are then pressed in
the molds of various
sizes and attractive
designs according to
the demand requirements.

eco-friendly palm leaf dinnerware

The clean fibre is
then sterilized through
a preheated moulding
process, where the
product also finalizes
its shape.

Biodegradable plates

These biodegradable
plates then go for
finishing and final
quality check before
packing and dispatch.

Areca leaf plates

The fallen leaf plates are then
packed as per customer
requirements and
transported safely,
which can be used
confidently even after
six months.