Who We Are?

Areca leaf plate manufacturers & exporters

We are a group of dedicated businessmen who understand the importance of caring for our planet. Our eco-friendly initiative, Agrileaf, is dedicated to providing sustainable products and services at both local and hyper-local levels. As enthusiastic researchers, we study promising sustainability concepts and implement them with technology while adhering to our principles and business sense. With our own factories and agricultural strongholds, we aim for the highest standards.
Beyond sustainability, we prioritize rural development. We ensure benefits by partnering with farmers, creating jobs for rural women, and providing fair wages. Agrileaf is India’s premier Areca Leaf tableware manufacturers & exporters, offering top-quality products aligned with our eco-friendly values.

There is no planet B

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Agrileaf devotedly focuses on manufacturing a range of disposable plates and glasses dinnerware and food packaging products from areca sheaths that are available in abundance in the agricultural domain of Karnataka. Agrileaf is committed to the motto of sustainability and continues to conduct research, adapt advanced technology and invest in rural development.
Agrileaf is a factory run on a daily basis majorly by rural women where chemical preservatives, adhesives or resins have no role to play. Thanks to the fully organic approach, Agrileaf is India’s premier Areca Leaf tableware manufacturers & exporters.
premier Areca Leaf tableware
Areca leaf tableware

Our Vision

Reduce-reuse-recycle to be eco-friendly. Agrileaf envisions, designs and implements a business model applicable nationwide that enables a dedicated sustainability approach and promotes eco-friendly rural development. Through the idea of biodegradable plates and dinnerware, we aim to establish an eco-friendly, transparent business domain.

Our Mission

Agrileaf aims, through its own R&D team dedicated to improving throughput, to significantly reduce manufacturing costs and make the product more affordable; and be competitive with the peer products made from other raw materials such as pulp.

premier Areca Leaf tableware

Our Team

Here are the people making Agrileaf’s eco friendly products manufacturers in india.

Avinash Rao
CEO and Founder

With close to two decades of experience in business and business research, Avinash swears by implementation of technology for sustainability. His experience in Automation and Control Engineering has helped to increase the throughput at highest quality standards in just 2 years.

Athishay Jain
Athishay comes with his Business Analysis acumen and ability to position the company on the global map more aggressively to cater to the world markets. Athishay also looks on to various new business models in the dinnerware and packaging industry.
His business analysis skill set has the delivered company to seemingly spread faster in various verticals to add new products. He was instrumental in bringing in the entire workflow under single software solutions.